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The pictures serve only as a guide for what I'm looking for - it doesn't have to be the exact scene. Thanks!

Click on attached images to enlarge.

Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Fushigi Yuugi
Tamahome during his rescue of Miaka (refer to the three cels I have of him in my FY section). Very High
A nice cel of Tasuki(preferrably from the TV series) would be super duper! High
Any SD pose by any of the characters. Medium
Niari changed back from being a merman. This only lasts one frame, so it's gonna be really hard to come by! Will Give Kidney
Prince Niari as Goku in his human form. High
Rayuka, Shikinka's sister. Medium
The Sphinx. Low
Kigurumi Sentai Kiltian
Any cel of any character from this show. Very High
Scrapped Princess
Sketches/rilezu cels of Shannon. High

Curator: JuniorMintKiss
Gallery Created: 4/28/2005

Presentation 8.45/10   Collection 8.60/10   Overall 8.55/10   Votes 32 votes
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