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Fushigi Yuugi

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Meet Miaka Yuki - a 15-year old trying to pass her exams to get into high school with her best friend, Yui Hongo. One day as she is accompaning Yui to the National Library, Miaka sees a red phoenix and follows it into the Restricted Section of the library. There, she finds a book, called The Universe of the Four Gods. As soon as the book is opened, Miaka and Yui are transported into the ancient Chinese story. They run into a martial artist, Tamahome, who saves them from certain peril. What happens afterwards is history, literally! Join Miaka in her quest for becoming the Priestess of Suzaku. And surround yourself with the Suzaku warriors: Tamahome, Hotohori, Nuriko, Chichiri, Tasuki, Mitsukake, and Chiriko. Chuck full of action, suspense, and romance!!! Woo hoo!

Fave episodes: 11 "Priestess of Seiryu" and 20 "Unreachable Hope"



Curator: JuniorMintKiss
Gallery Created: 4/28/2005

Presentation 8.45/10   Collection 8.60/10   Overall 8.55/10   Votes 32 votes
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