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Some sites or web pages that I like to visit now and again...

Cels - A list of where I shop around.

Robert's Anime Corner - A few cels, mostly anime merchandise like DVDs.
ShadowLight - Amazing collection of cels. Recently put up quite a few for sale, so take a look.
Cels For Sale - Sailor Moon, MKR, CCS, and various cels for sale.
Anime i-land World - Japanese based site. Titles include: HxH, TnN, and Tenchi Muyo. Regular updates.
mindeclipse.com - Cels from InuYasha, FY, CCS, and Jubei-chan for sale.
Purple Plum - A few cels for sale. Simple and easy site to navigate thru.
130% Mad Crazy Cel-ery - They have quite an amazing collection of cels from pretty much every show made. They have quite a few unknowns so get in there and help identify!
Anime World Star - The site says that their English site is under construction, but you can browse thru them anyway! Some shows include Daa!Daa!Daa! and Eden's Bowy.
Wendy-CHX - Wendy is great! Here is her sale page with cels from: AnC, Escaflowne, FY, CCs, and more.
Brilliantlights.net - Oversized cels for sale from: AMG, Jubei-chan, Slayers, and Tenchi Muyo.
Frischer Wind - Japanese based site with a great selection of shows to choose from.
Noriko's Anime - Some FY and Tenchi Muyo cels for sale.
Kestrel Sempai - They have a few cels for sale, including Escaflowne and FY.
Katana's Edge - Another sale site with some cels to choose from.
Anirama - I like the layout of this Japan-based site. Great titles to choose from.
Kelly's Cels - Escaflowne and TnN mostly, but some others are there as well.
Kaerra's Sanctuary - Some IY and MKR cels for sale. From their personal collection.
Rinkya - The only deputy service I use. They're great for cels, but gouge ya on anything else you buy from Yahoo!Japan.
Anime Ed - I've heard good things about Ed, so check him out sometime. Has nice cels.
What Is A Cel? - I like this page. It describes what a cel is, how it's made, the animation process, and describes the terms used.
Takamura Store - Great lookin' site and it even has some Gokudo for sale! Very well organized and very well stocked with cels from various series.
Railphoto Cels - Japan-based site. Some titles include: InuYasha, Slayers, Giant Robo, HxH.
How to Frame Animation Cels - Would you like to learn how to frame your cels? What materials you need? This page has some useful tips, including pictures and animated gifs.
Miki's Junk Jungle - Maybe Zag can find some cels here for herself? A lot to choose from, but they are lower end cels and come cheap.
Mike's Anime Cels For Sale - A very plain site and not a whole lot to choose from. There's a nice commercial cel of InuYasha for sale, though.
Anime One - Site based in Japan. A lot of the titles have no cels for sale and it looks like they haven't updated in a while. Still, you may find what you're looking for. Many title listed.
eBay - Yeah we all know what eBay is about. ;)
Anime Haven - Kinda on the pricey side - nice list of titles to choose from.
D Noonchester Artwork - A nice site with a decent selection. Great communication.
Asylum Anime - Another site that I like. Great selection.
Anime Gambit - Richard is a swell guy. His site could use some organization, but he has hoards of cels to choose from. I found some treasures in the 'Mixed Cels' section. Fairly reasonable prices.
Anime Cels World - Site in Japan. A lot of titles to choose from. Fairly recent updates.
Baakay's Anime Cels - I just love her gallery! it must be all the Gokudo she has in her possession. :)
Anime Link - Another great site. Loads of anime titles to choose from.
Anime Game - Pricier cels but of better quality. Great selection. Very user friendly.
Anime Cel - Site based in Japan. Reasonable prices - they even have a Bargain Basement! Hilarious cel captions.
Anime[tion] - A small site with a few cels for sale, mostly Fushigi Yuugi.
Anime Tourist - Cel Painting Made Easy - I found an article about how to paint a cel. If you'd like to learn, this is a great piece for beginners.
Anime Online Art Gallery - It's mostly a showcase for cels, but they have over 100 for sale.
Nichibei Anime - Great accessibility. Lots of titles to choose from.
Anime Cel Box - One of my favorite cel sites. They are one of the few I've seen that has Gokudo updates.
Animanga - This place has been around for quite some time. I bought a cel from them not too long ago. Big selection.
RAXA Hobby Shop - Site based in Japan. Great celection; many titles to choose from. Also sell Rilezu cels, posters, and other anime merchandise.
Angelic-Lair - A little site with cels from some series, including CCS, FY, and TnN.
Aloha Anime - Where I bought my first cel. ;) Cels, DVDs, Pencil Boards,and more.

Personal - Sites where I like to spend my time when I'm not cel hunting.

Find A Grave -
Search 33.4 million cemetery records at by entering a surname and clicking search:

Anime OSTs - Here, you can find the soundtrack titles of many anime soundtracks in English. Great resource!
CD Japan
Anime Castle
Anime News Network
My Anime List - Help this site grow by contributing info about your favorite anime/manga. I did most of the character updates in Gokudo!
www.mormon.org - Learn more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Anime News Network - Get all the latest anime news and updates here! Includes an extensive anime encyclopedia.
Anime Beta - A great anime community forum. People are posting their cels/galleries for sale or offer all the time. One of my favorite sites.


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Gallery Created: 4/28/2005

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