Welcome to my oh-so humble gallery! I focus on InuYasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fushigi Yuugi, and especially Gokudo. Other random cels in here are those I bought for pure aesthetics. I'm always looking for more Gokudo to add to my collection, so be a dear and let me know if there are any for sale somewhere!

I welcome any questions about my gallery or my obsession with Gokudo (like maybe why I love such a dorky show in the first place!) Feedback and other ramblings are also great. Please email me at: juniormintkiss [at] yahoo.com or contact me thru my RS feedback. I only check my email about a dozen times a day so I will get back with you!

My gallery is not open to offers, so please don't enquire. If I do happen to sell any off, I will announce that in the RS forum and on Anime-Beta.

Thanks for looking!

News & Updates

5/21/2014Recently acquired: (1) Gokudo cel.
4/3/2014Recently acquired: (1) Gokudo cel.

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***Junior's Top Ten*** (10) 12/27/2008
**2006 Anime Beta Awards** (1) 8/23/2005
**2007 Anime Beta Awards** (1) 11/30/2007
**2008 Anime Beta Awards** (1) 12/15/2008
Bleach (2) 9/2/2009
Dragon Rider (2) 11/26/2008
Escaflowne (1) 6/20/2008
Fushigi Yuugi (5) 12/11/2007
Gokudo (77) 8/28/2014
**2010 Anime Beta Awards** (1) 1/4/2011
**2011 Anime Beta Awards** (2) 1/23/2012
InuYasha (5) 5/4/2006
InuYasha Fan Art (4) 3/18/2013
K.O. Century Beast Warriors (7) 9/18/2012
Karakuri Ninja Girl (2) 11/19/2007
Kigurumi Sentai Kiltian (10) 6/15/2012
Kijoku - Princess Double Kari - (1) 2/17/2010
Misc. Cels (17) 1/2/2013
Scrapped Princess (5) 12/27/2008
Shitajiki (7) 6/13/2013
Tenjho Tenge (7) 7/26/2013
Tokyo Majin (6) 1/7/2013
Trigun (1) 4/14/2009
Yu Yu Hakusho (8) 4/14/2009

Curator: JuniorMintKiss
Gallery Created: 4/28/2005

Presentation 8.45/10   Collection 8.60/10   Overall 8.55/10   Votes 32 votes
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