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I've been watching anime since 2000 and cel collecting since 2005. It has been a wild trip. I've found so many fantastic sites and sellers that it's pleasantly nauseating. This hobby has introduced me to many a friend @ Anime-Beta.

Please see my 'Links' page on some great cel dealer sites.

Below is a picture of my pet goat, Fred!

I'm a Mormon.

Favorite anime titles include: GOKUDO!!!, Yu Yu Hakusho, Scrapped Princess, Kodocha, and InuYasha.

Anime characters:
-Kuwabara/Yu Yu Hakusho
-Shigure/Fruits Basket
-Shannon/Scrapped Princess
-Haruki Hanai/School Rumble
-Renji Abarai/Bleach

Oddly enough, I really don't have any favorite female characters. Oh well...

Odds 'n' Ends:

Color: Blue
Smell: Vinyl, hazelnut
Music Group: Queen
Book: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
Movie: As Good As It Gets
Animal: Goat and Ragdoll cats
Actor: Leslie Howard, Gregory Peck, Ingrid Bergman
Sound: Rain, dryer
Things to do: Write, crochet, play the piano, work on my cel gallery
Things to collect: ugly frogs, glass figurines, coins, czech glass
Perfume: Little Black Dress by Avon
Sport: Ice Hockey, Bowling
Gem: Peridot
Metal: Silver

Curator: JuniorMintKiss
Gallery Created: 4/28/2005

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